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How to win physician confidence in remote patient monitoring programs

COVID-19 has spurred telehealth and remote patient monitoring adoption across the United States, with 36 percent of the US consumers now using telehealth to replace healthcare visits.

While this has created an opportunity for health systems to digitally transform their care delivery model, not all health systems have the right resources and the organizational support to drive this change.

Among the many challenges, one significant factor concerning the CIOs of these health systems is the lack of willingness in the clinical community to support a transformation of IT to adopt new care delivery models.

In the remote monitoring space, the clinician community’s lack of confidence in the quality of data, especially self-monitored and patient-reported data, was a challenge despite the obvious benefits of managing large chronic populations through connected devices.

Given the need to integrate remote patient monitoring, CIOs are compelled to look beyond just EHRs and explore standalone platforms

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